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    Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton Interview Anna Delvey Sorokin From Jail

    Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton Check in with Anna Delvey Sorokin

    Paris Hilton and sister Nicky Hilton opened the “This is Paris Podcast” to allow Anna Delvey to tell her story.

    This New York socialite has been all over the news lately, and for several reasons. She pulled off one of the biggest money raising schemes in recent memory, bilking acquaintances out of millions of dollars. She basically lied about her past to secure her coins for her future. But how did she do it, and why? Her story is as fascinating as it is infuriating. So much so that Netflix launched a series around her life called, “Inventing Anna”.

    Eventually the self-proclaimed rich girl ended up in jail. Anna still argues she never scammed anyone.

    During the interview Nicky Hilton asked Delvey if they ever crossed paths? Nicky spent a lot of time in New York. She stated, “I read that you were always at the Bowery Hotel, and I used to live directly across from the Bowery hotel.” However, Delvey, “couldn’t recall if she ever crossed paths with the Hilton sister”.

    Speaking on the Netflix series, Sorokin claims the company aired misconceptions. “I think Netflix is a dramatized version of events. It’s not like, really how it happened. It’s a big misconception that I did not pay 11 Howard”. Nicky replied, ” No I read you paid 11 Howard. You were big on wiring. You loved to wire money huh. That’s your favorite line from the show”.

    Nickye also asked her what the biggest misconception about her was. Delvey claims she never told anyone she was a German heiress. In Delvey’s words, “yeah I absolutely never told any such thing to anybody. They just kind of put the pieces together after the prosecution released the press statement.”

    Paris Hilton asked the major question many waited for. Paris Hilton, “would you of ever though that you would have a television show about your life?”

    Sorokin replied saying no. Paris then asked, “Have you been getting a lot of fan mail?”

    The “I definitely was. I get a ton of letters. A lot of like marriage proposals. Definitely more before I was like charged with any crimes.”

    The now series character says she is not looking forward to getting married. She additionally stated it isn’t a goal that she has.

    Listen to the podcast on here

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