Phaedra Parks Talks About Sons Growing Up and Reveals If She Wants to Remarry


Phaedra Parks is loving the perks of the single life and remaining focused on making sure her two young sons grow up to be strong, level-headed Black men.

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star has acclimated to the life of a single mom, raising sons Ayden, 11, and Dylan, 8, whose father Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2014. The 47-year-old mortuary business owner admits that the adjustment has been “crazy,” but she’s loving all of the time she has with her boys to watch them grow up.

(From left) Dylan Nida, Phaedra Parks, and Ayden Nida. (Photo: @phaedraparks/Instagram)

“The single mom life is crazy, but I wouldn’t change it for anything,” Parks told Page Six last week. “They’re my world.”

The “Secrets of the Southern Belle” author still shares images and videos of her boys on social media, but when she made her “RHOA” exit in 2017, their reality TV career ended as well for the time being. The two are thriving in school according to Parks, who described them as “polar opposites,” and one is already interested in following in her footsteps.

“Dylan is a third grader and Ayden just entered middle school. They’re definitely polar opposites. Ayden is very similar to me in that he’s super charismatic and wants to be a lawyer. And then Dylan is super creative and loves the arts, which is the other side of me,” gushed the proud mom.

As her sons continue to grow and understand more about the world around them, compounded by the civil rights climate in 2020, Parks has been taking on the tough task of educating them about racial and social injustice, which she admits was difficult because the private school they attend is filled with many who don’t share the values she’s trying to instill in them.

“It was very tough because Ayden and Dylan go to a very elite private school where they are the minority. A lot of people did not share our political views and it was very difficult to explain to them why it was important to fight back against things like police brutality,” she explained. “There have been very interesting conversations that I thought I would never have with my children because it sounds so much like the ‘60s.”

Phaedra and her boys smile for a selfie. @phaedraparks/Instagram

Being a mom is just one of the many hats Parks wears, but she makes sure to take time for herself and her love life. The Parks Group boss split from her ex-husband Nida in 2017 and was recently linked with actor Medina Islam; however, they broke up in January, and she’s been having a grand old time playing the field in recent months.

“I’m dating and having a wonderful time,” she said. “People often ask me if I want to be remarried. I’m looking for love but I’m not sure that I want to be married again because I like dating. I like having fun, I like laughing, I like lavish gifts!”

As for the traits she’s looking for in anyone wanting to spend time with her? They have to have “enough maturity to go make some money and know when to shut up,” and added bonuses include “youthfulness” and love for “dangerous sports.”

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