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    Porsha Williams Admits to Judge Ex Simon Guobadia’s ‘Questionable Immigration’ and ‘Criminal History’ Led to Divorce

    Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams said she started to question everything after recent reports about her estranged husband Simon Guobadias criminal history and “questionable immigration” came out — and it led to her filing for divorce.

    According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, the Bravo star asked a judge to shut down Simon’s plea for exclusive access to their Georgia mansion and revealed new details of her split.

    As we first reported, Porsha argued the prenup they signed before the wedding stated Simon would vacate the martial residence within 30 days of a divorce being filed. She said he refused.

    In response, Simon claimed Porsha brought two armed men to the home and he was forced to call the police to “maintain the peace.” She accused him of changing the locks on the home and attempting to block her access to the home — despite him currently being in Dubai.

    In her new motion, Porsha objected to Simon having exclusive access to the home. The reality star then dropped several bombshells about her split.

    Despite sources previously claiming Porsha did not leave Simon due to the reports he was potentially facing deportation. However, in the new filing, she admitted it played a big role.

    “By way of further response, the media frenzy that ensued was solely a result of Husband’s actions, which included revelations about Husband’s criminal history, questionable immigration, and allegations of fraud,” the motion read. “Wife shows that the news reports of Husband’s alleged immigration fraud, and what appeared to be an imminent threat of deportation, were shocking and affected Wife’s mental and emotional wellbeing. None of this information was ever disclosed by Husband to Wife, despite Wife having previously inquired about Husband’s immigration status and criminal history.”

    Porsha said she wrote Simon a text message that read, “There are more than one or two reasons we are in this place and i’m forced to make this decision. I will make sure they are written and listed for you to See. There is nothing in this world that would have told me i would have to divorce you or that i would even contemplate leaving you even for a day. However what is between us rocks our foundation to the core.”

    She added, “I have always trusted you from day one when i took your hand and started on this journey, i’ve always stressed to you that i feel safe with you and how important for someone like me that is, i’ve also loved you through and through! But all of this shows me you have not cared for me the same and that is a huge problem. Your job is to protect Pj and I and you have not.”

    Her lawyer wrote, “Since learning of Husband’s checkered immigration history and status, Wife began to question everything that she initially believed to be true as it relates to her Husband’s character, immigration, business dealings, etc, and began to uncover additional information that Husband failed to disclose to Wife. Petitioner did not wish to remain married to a stranger, and filed for divorce.”

    Simon has yet to respond.

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