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    Post Malones scary plane emergency landing detailed: FAA finds safety issues, significant damage


    Post Malone fligh drama due to a passenger aboard a Pakistan International Airlines flight mistook the emergency exit for the bathroom and canceled the flight.

    Post Malone’s plane was forced to make a highly publicized emergency landing last year after two tires blew out − and now the Federal Aviation Administration has found that the plane had several safety violations.

    Post Malone was among the 15 people (12 passengers, plus one flight attendant and two pilots) on a plane from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey that was diverted to New York Stewart International Airport in Orange County after the tires blew out upon takeoff on Aug. 21, 2018. The plane eventually made a safe landing.

    “Pilot-induced error” was the main factor in the tires blowing out, according to the FAA’s report.

    The plane “exceeded its maximum gross takeoff weight,” and the pilots turned around after the discovery that a service door was open. The plane then landed successfully, and the tires blew out upon the second takeoff. The plane also was over the “maximum gross landing weight.”

    There was significant damage on the plane’s left side.

    “The flight crew did not comply with the manufacturer’s procedures for wheel brake cooling times after an overweight landing,” according to the FAA’s report. “The aircraft maximum gross takeoff weight was exceeded for the second takeoff from KTEB.”

    If this story sounds familiar, that’s because of another scary celebrity plane story: Jennifer Aniston recently opened up about the emergency landing her plane had to make en route to Cabo, Mexico in February. The plane ultimately landed with a tire missing.

    USA TODAY has reached out to Post Malone’s rep for comment.

    Contributing: Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY; North Jersey Record; Associated Press

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