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    Post Malone’s Settlement Talks Over Ex-GF’s $350k Payout Fall Apart in Lawsuit Accusing Him of ‘Physical’ Abuse

    The messy legal battle between Post Malone and the lawyers who represented his ex-girlfriend following their split has yet to be dismissed — as the settlement reached appears to be falling apart.

    According to court documents obtained by, last week, a hearing was held last week in Los Angeles Superior Court in the case brought by Martorell Law against Post and his ex-girlfriend Ashlen Diaz.

    The firm said there are “problems surrounding the long-form settlement and a mediator is actively involved in facilitating a settlement between the parties.”

    The parties unable to finalize the settlement could result in the case being reopened — and a trial date being set.

    As we previously reported, the law firm was hired by Diaz after her split from Post — to secure palimony from the musician. Palimony is a form of support for partners who were never married.

    Diaz had been offered $150k from Post but believed the number was too low. The firm said it negotiated with Post but were dropped by Diaz before the deal was finalized.

    The firm said they later learned Post allegedly convinced Diaz to drop her lawyers and work out a private deal with him. They claimed Diaz was paid $350k from Post — but they never received a dime from the settlement.

    Martorell Law’s lawsuit demanding a cut of the $350k. Post demanded the lawsuit be thrown out. He argued he had no control over Diaz and could not force her to fire the lawyers.

    The lawsuit turned ugly after Post’s answer. The law firm responded by arguing Post DID have control over Diaz due to alleged abuse to her during their relationship.

    The law firm claimed Post “pressured and coerced” Diaz to cut them “in order to avoid paying a higher settlement sum, and in order to continue manipulating his victim, Defendant Diaz, using his money, power, and control over her to prevent her story from being shared with the world and to avoid near-certain litigation.”

    “Diaz, unfortunately, gave in to such duress (as victims often do), to her own detriment, separating her from legal representation she desperately needed,” the lawyers said.

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