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    Priscilla Presley Pleads For $35 Million Court Battle Over Lisa Marie’s Trust Be Postponed As Tensions Grow With Granddaughter Riley

    Priscilla Presley has pleaded with the court to postpone the first scheduled hearing on her petition to be named trustee of her late daughter Lisa Marie’s trust — as her feud with granddaughter Riley Keough intensifies, has learned.

    According to court documents obtained by, Priscilla’s lawyer requested the April 13 hearing be pushed to mid-May. Elvis’ ex did not provide any details on why she needed additional time.

    As first reported, back in January, Priscilla filed a petition in court demanding an alleged amendment to the trust not be enforced.

    In court documents, Priscilla said the trust was created in 1993 and amended in 2010. She said she was named the co-trustee along with Lisa Marie’s ex-business manager Barry Siegel.

    Recently, Priscilla revealed Barry intends to step down as co-trustee. She said per Lisa Marie’s will that meant Riley would take over his spot. She believed that both she and Riley should serve as co-trustees.

    However, Priscilla noted there was an alleged 2016 amendment that was floating around. The amendment removed her as co-trustee and appointed Lisa Marie’s daughter Riley and son Benjamin as co-trustees. Benjamin died in 2020.

    Priscilla’s attorney said, “[Priscilla] recently received a .pdf file of the Purported 2016 Amendment allegedly dated March 11, 2016. Petitioner notes that the .pdf file shows a comment by “rbernste” dated March 14, which inserts the number 11 in the date of the document, March 11, 2016.”

    He added, “the signature page of the Purported 2016 Amendment does not contain any text of the amendment, which can present a higher risk for fraud.”

    Priscilla told the court Lisa Marie’s alleged signature on the 2016 amendment appears to be “inconsistent with the Decedent’s usual and customary signature. Lastly, the original version of the Purported 2016 Amendment has not yet been located. Since the original Purported 2016 Amendment has not been located, it is presumed that it was destroyed.”

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