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    Robert Boik Chicago Police Director Fired Over Email – See Email

    Robert Boik, the Chicago police department fired over an email served as the executive director of constitutional policing and reform. But a tense email with Chicago Superintendent David Brown led to termination on Tuesday.

    Boik served for about a year and a half. Sources say, on Monday morning he sent an email to police Superintendent David Brown. Brown’s instructions stated to send 46 individuals back to patrol.

    CPD released a statement saying, “Robert Boik is no longer a member of the Chicago Police Department. Beyond that, we do not comment on personnel matters.”

    The email from the Chicago police director fired was obtained by the Tribune.

    “Beyond the consent decree requirement to train our frontline officers, we have a fundamental obligation to ensure all our officers are provided with equal tools to do their jobs in the field. With the proposed cuts, every single officer will fall short of 40 hours of training this year” Boik wrote.

    Nevertheless, Chicago Superintendent David Brown said citizens prefer to see more officers on the streets than at a desk.

    “My request was not made lightly and was only due to what I believe is my professional obligation to meet the demands of the consent decree.” He continued, “and the needs of our officers.”

    “Rather than approving the request for the 23 individuals and putting us on course to complete our 40-hours of in-service training, the Office of Constitutional Policing and Reform was told to send 46 individuals back to patrol,” Boik complained.

    Additionally, Boik warned the move could have grave implications for the department’s compliance with the consent decree. “It is my view that the ramifications of this move more than outweigh the desire to send 46 officers back to patrol,” he wrote.

    CDP recently hired new officers. Brown wrote, The @Chicago_PoliceDepartment congratulates the recruits. He continued, “recently promoted field training officers, evidence technicians, detectives, and exempt members who graduated today!”

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