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    Roxane Gay To Teach MasterClass On Writing For Social Change

    Roxane Gay To Teach MasterClass On Writing For Social Change

    Roxane Gay is teaching a MasterClass on writing to impact social change. 

    Participants enrolled in the new course will learn how to embrace their personal identities, revisit trauma with respect and consideration, and shape their voice on the page to add to meaningful conversations that can radically shift perspectives. 

    “When writing finds you, it opens up a whole new world of possibility,” said Gay. “In my MasterClass, I show you how to make a difference in the world through writing—because once you start writing, you have freedom and can start to see the world in a completely different way.”

    Gay’s work as an award-winning author, editor, and essayist has addressed a number of critical issues including the need for affirmative consent, body shaming, the intense dangers of a divisive political climate and more. Through fiction, memoir, and observation she has consistently encouraged readers to think beyond their own experiences for the greater good. Her books Difficult Women, Hunger, and Bad Feminist are critically acclaimed.

    The MasterClass will include authentic conversations on race, gender identity, sexuality, and other topics and will feature writers at all levels of their careers. Gay will choose select examples of her work to illustrate the concepts she is teaching. 

    “Roxane drives change with every word she writes,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass. “In her MasterClass, she shows members how to own their identity, write better, think deeper and hone their voices to make real change in the world.” Those interested in this learning opportunity can subscribe to MasterClass for $15 a month (billed annually). The remote education platform offers hundreds of other courses on topics including design, business, science, community and government, wellness and more.

    Previous MasterClass writing instructors have included Shonda Rhimes, Malcom Gladwell and Issa Rae. 

    You can enroll in Gay’s class here.

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