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    Sasha O’bama’s Boyfriend Clifton Powell JR Gets Dating Advice

    No pressure to Sasha O’bama’s boyfriend Clifton Powell Jr. But since his dad likes the Obama’s he explained it’s a good opportunity to teach him how to love.

    Actor Clifton Powell Sr. admitted to sharing daily advice with Sasha O’bama’s boyfriend, Clifton Powell jr. Senior admitted to already raising his son with best qualities. But additional memes and quotes remain part of dating advice routines.

    Back in April the 25-year-old director and now 21-year-old Sasha O’bama confirmed their dating life. According to Powell Sr., the young couple have been together for about a year, it just took a while for the media to take notice. But photos of the two together, including Sasha Obama hugging his head spiraled into social media.

    “I want him [Barack] to know and Michelle to know, if they ever hear this, I’m on my son, like, every day, man,” said the “Next Friday” actor while appearing on the “Dear Fathers Podcast.” He continued, “Not in a negative way but I might send him a meme, or I might send him a quote,” as a reminder to continue doting his i’s and crossing his t’s.

    “We love the Obamas but Mr. Obama has a daughter that’s dating my son”.

    “I have an opportunity and a responsibility to make my son responsible, gentle, kind, loving, and supportive. The things that I did not get taught,” he said. He noted his own father failed to teach him those things but having grown up with the guidance of women he quickly learned how to treat a lady with respect. “So I text him all the time and I say, ‘Treat Sasha like you would want somebody to treat your daughter.’”

    Sasha Obama’s boyfriend isn’t the only one getting advice. Michelle Obama revealed providing advice to her daughters as well. During an episode of Ellen the former First Lady mentioned how she raised them as real people in the world. “They had to learn how to be compassionate, independent, responsible people so that they entered the world as responsible, compassionate, capable people. And I think they are amazing young women because of that.”

    “I get a lot of negative comments. ‘Oh well, Sasha be careful, hope he not like his daddy,’” said the “Saint & Sinners” actor. “You know people gotta stop doing that, taking the characters that you play and make ’em like you really that way.”

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