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    Serena Williams Shares How She Fits In Self-Care With Her Busy Schedule

    Serena Williams Shares How She Fits In Self-Care With Her Busy Schedule

    Serena Williams will be making a powerful appearance at this year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. Although the tennis star will not be on the court, Williams will be taking a stance for young girls on sports via thought-provoking commercials for Secret Deodorant, played throughout the game.

    As part of the brand’s Just #WatchMe Campaign, Williams is helping to bring awareness to the unfortunate reality that young girls are dropping out of sports at 2x the rate of young boys due to underfunding and underrepresentation. “I didn’t realize this until I started working with Secret,” the four-time Olympic Gold medalist tells ESSENCE. “This campaign seeks to empower all young girl athletes to keep going in the sports that they love while encouraging everyone to show up and just watch.”

    With the goal to support gender equality, Secret has pledged $1 from every sale at Walmart, up to $150,000, to girl’s youth sports.   

    Cheers to movements that matter! While chatting with the GOAT about her collaboration with Secret, we also received fun details about her summer beauty routine, her fashion staple, and even how she unwinds after a busy day. Check that out ahead.

    Serena Williams’ Summer Beauty Routine 

    “I noticed that everyone is going through an eyebrow phrase, which I find interesting because my eyebrows are insanely thick and I had them first,” Williams playfully shares. “For the summer, I am experimenting with makeup, colors, and long lashes. Obviously, washing it all off is a whole new monster but it’s not that complicated since I got this whole method down to a science years ago. I use coconut oil to remove my makeup and it literally slides off.”

    Serena Williams’ Fashion Staples

    “I’m into the one look and done thing. My clothing staple at the time is the Gaiter Mask Dress from my clothing line S by Serena,” she explains. “With the Delta-9 variant of COVID-19 spreading, especially in Los Angeles, I want to stay protected and the built-in gaiter helps, you know? I would highly recommend wearing a mask under it, but it makes me feel a little bit better at least.”

    Serena Williams’ Self-Care Routine

    “The best self-care routine that I have now is just taking an hour a day for myself. Right now, I’m probably averaging like two or three hours a week. It really is kind of like a mental break,” the mother-of-one reveals. “Sometimes I like to get facials or even binge-watch my favorite show at the time: Manifest.”

    She adds, “Being a mom, I really need it [self-care] because I give so much time to my daughter. I need to learn to have a little more balance.”

    We couldn’t agree with her more!


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