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    Serena Williams an all time champ was defeated by Naomi Osaka the first Haitian Japanese man or woman to sxore a Grand Slams singles trophy.
    Naomi Osaka made history in her first career Grand Slam final, taking a 6-2, 6-4 win in a match that caused Serena to implode in court during this controversal Grand Slam finish.
    As Serena had outbursts, the crowd booed. The result, both players in tears, and Osaka with her visor pulled over her face.

    Osaka admitted to looking up to Serena Williams, and she probably never would of imagined defeating her, or being held in her arms in the same day. As the two were in tears Serena felt obligated to console the 20 year old player.
    Serena released a statement after the match.

    “Well I don’t want to be rude, she played well and this is her first Grand Slam. Let’s make this the best momeny we can, let’s give credit where credit is due and no more booing. Congratulations Naomi!”
    Naomi also released a statement apologizing to the crowd.
    “I know that everyone was cheering for her and I’m sorry it had to end like this. I just wanted to say Thank Youfor watching the match”.

    How did Serena lose? The battle between Serena and Ramos. Ramos took a point away from Serena accusing her of cheating, when Mouratoglou signaled her to move forward, there was no thumbs up sign. Mouratoglou says he was coaching in which everyone does and they are not normally called out for it.
    Serena was seen telling Ramos, “you owe me an apology, I would never cheat. I have a daughter and I won’t stand for that”.

    Williams also gave up a serve becoming frustrated, and taking it out in her racket, smashing it into the ground. The penalty was considered racket abuse.
    Serena admitted to having a tough year, and this is the second time this year she was defeated by Osaka. Osaka won againsr Serena in Miami earlier this year. However, Williams has ptoven to be a player of grace and dignity. Let’s just say both girls are winning either way. That hug was everything viewers needed to see.

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