Shenita Hurt: Her Divorced Pushed Her Into Her Destiny


Shenita Hurt, is a powerful motivational speaker and the author of “Divorced Now What?”. Shenita recognized her purpose after her 16 year marriage ended in divorce.

The former Mrs found new life becoming Ms after seperation.
Shenita’s experienced brought her new purpose in life. Her purpose would not only uplift her but would help many divorced spouses searching for the same reinvention.
Her destiny was written in her new book “Divorced Now What?” The book answers many uneasy questions left after a divorce.
There are tips on how to create a new you and finding peace within your new journey.

What made you realize your destiny after your divorce?

Realizing that this was my new norm so I had no other choice but to embrace it. I was no longer going sit on the sidelines and watch life pass me by but to work hard on me and get back in the game of life. I also knew that if I struggled with moving on with life after divorce that others did as well so I wanted to become the help I needed.

What inspired you to help others through their divorces?

I was inspired by the pain I experienced while going through the process. Divorce feels like death and having someone to talk to that understands the emotional rollercoaster is crucial.

What advice you would give to someone who is struggling with separation?

Separation can be hard, but staying in a place where you no longer feel wanted and peace is absent is much harder. Love yourself enough to know you that deserve better and the only person totally responsible for your happiness is YOU!!

Her new found strength was the evolution of RENEWHER LLC.

RENEWHER LLC is an organization dedicated to helping women Rebuild, Rebrand, and Relaunch after a breakup or divorce.


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