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    Sofia Vergara’s Ex-Contractor Accuses Actress of Being Concerned With ‘Bending Public Opinion’ in $1.7 Million Battle

    The contractor who sued Sofia Vergara for allegedly refusing to pay up invoices totaling $1.7 million fired back at her recent claims in court.

    According to court documents obtained by, Conquest Construction Management d/b/a Reside Custom Homes [RCH] scoffed at Vergara’s claims it filed the lawsuit as part of a “scheme” to “publicly embarrass” the Modern Family star.

    As we previously reported, earlier this year, RCH sued Vergara for damages. RCH said it was hired in April 2022 to renovate the actress’ $26 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

    RCH said Vergara agreed to pay for the costs plus a contractor’s fee. The company said it installed clay plaster in various rooms in the mansion and replaced a flight of stairs.

    The contractor said it completed work on the property in March 2023. The company said Vergara failed to pay $1.7 million owed.

    In response, Vergara slammed the contractor. She claimed RCH filed the suit to “pressure” her into a settlement.

    The actress accused RCH of presenting a false narrative in the complaint.

    Vergara’s lawyer Marty Singer said RCH filed suit AFTER Vergara sent a demand letter to RCH. In the letter, Vergara accused RCH of performing below-standard work and overcharging her on projects.

    Vergara informed RCH she would be taking the matter to mediation and then arbitration if no deal was reached.

    RCH then filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

    “Not only are [RCH’s] claims subject to arbitration, they are nothing more than frivolous counterclaims that were concocted after Defendants’ counsel sent an October 2023 demand letter regarding [RCH’s] failures to perform its obligations as General Contractor,” Vergara’s lawyer said.“[RCH] filed this action in direct contravention of the obligation to arbitrate in order to publicize a false narrative and seek to embarrass well-known actress, Defendant Sofia Vergara, given her public persona.”

    Vergara’s lawyer also accused RCH of bringing the complaint to “embarrass” Vergara and “extort a settlement on monies that are simply not owed.”

    “But [RCH] miscalculated because Vergara won’t be bullied,” her lawyer wrote.

    Now, RCH fired back at Vergara’s claim. The company said the allegations if filed the lawsuit to “embarrass” Vergara are not true.

    “Unlike Defendants, who appear more concerned with bending public opinion, Plaintiff only seeks a just resolution of its claims,” the motion read. RCH said it was required to file a lawsuit to enforce the mechanic’s lien it filed against Vergara’s property over the $1.7 million.

    RCH explained, “Because a party must file a claim to foreclose on a mechanic’s lien within 90 days of recording the lien and because Defendants had not paid, and clearly had no intention of paying, Plaintiff any of the lien amount, Plaintiff filed its Complaint.”

    The contractor said it did not object to the case being moved out of the public eye and into arbitration.

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