Steve Harvey Was Robbed by His Accountants for Millions

Steve Harvey Was Robbed by His Accountants for Millions

Steve Harvey was robbed by his accountants for millions. He explained to Earn Your Leisure how they got away with the crime.

On Tuesday, March 15, Harvey sat down with “Earn Your Leisure Podcast” co-hosts Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings. The back then hosts of the “Steve Harvey Show” began to discuss how he ended up owing the IRS $22 million in 2008. “My accountant died, and an accountant that worked for him called my lawyer and said, ‘We have a problem.’”

“She had found on the floor all my tax forms for seven years, signed with the checks stapled to them.”

The people he hired “were cashing the checks, keeping the money, and not turning in the tax forms.”

The “Earn Your Leisure” co-host asked how this was possible.

Thus, he explained “They didn’t cash it; they took the money out the account that matched the exact number.”

Consequently, it took seven years for the Millionaire to repay the IRS.

However, this isn’t the first time the television star opened up about his troubled finances. Likewise, talking to Yahoo News, He explained his tax troubles back in 2016. In addition, he revealed the incident happened shortly after he married his third wife, Majorie.

The television personality thought he would lose everything he ever had, including the former fashion designer.  “I sat my wife down, and she cried, and I held her, and I told her it was going to be all right; I was going to get us out,” he said.

The game show host kept his promise. “I just went to work. I took every gig and every contract, and I worked and worked.”

He continued, “I hung in there, and I had a big deal come through in 2012, and I got free. Meanwhile, it’s been OK ever since.”

Harvey’s admission stunned fans who flocked to social media to discuss the news they had just heard.  For instance, one Twitter user who wrote, “Steve Harvey owing the IRS millions of dollars because people were stealing from him and having to pay $650,000 a month for 4 years is some crazy sh-t. Never went to jail because he never missed a payment. Bro…” They added, “Can you imagine a monthly $650,000 bill while also keeping up with normal everyday life??”

Similarly, someone said, “Steve Harvey has confidence that I never seen before in my life. This man is unstoppable.” Furthermore, “this dude had to pay the IRS $650,000 a month for 4 years because his accountant was stealing his check payments. He made every payment ON TIME… ON TIME!!! That’s $31.2 MILLION DOLLARS.”

Meanwhile, another person said, “Steve Harvey talking about how he paid the IRS $650,000 a month for 4years because his accountant was robbing him blind and stealing his cheque payments is crazy. No wonder he has been one of the most hard working men in television. The taxes weren’t going to repay themselves.” – Tweet.

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