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    Summer Walker’s Tik Tok Video Imitates Steve Harvey and She Nails It

    Summer Walker’s Introverted Talent is Wild

    Summer Walker’s Tik Tok video imitates Steve Harvey, and she nails it. She captions the video saying, “the type of sh!t I get into when my baby away lol”.

    The clip renditions the famous Steve Harvey as the host of Family Feud. The Family Feud question was, if all the tv hosts got into a fist fight who’d win. The answer, Steve Harvey.

    The host replied, “you better know. I don’t know what the answers are up there but can’t nan one of them whoop me.”

    As Summer Walker Tik Tok’s the role she switches outfits. While playing the role of Harvey she sports a hair cap, white blazer and some slacks. Then when she switches roles as the contestant she sports pink cornrows, and a jean short jumpsuit.

    The fact of how she made the characters come alive, is a classic.

    Walker has always been open and honest about being an introvert and having social anxiety, but it was when she made a speech at the BET Soul Train Awards that everyone saw it for themselves.

    As she won the award in 2019 for best new artist, she nervously gave a small speech.

    “Thank you so much. I didn’t expect this,” said the 23-year-old. “Thank you LVRN and thank you London On Da Track. I really appreciate it.”

    Many criticized her but she didn’t allow the backlash to overtake her.

    The artist spoke out saying, . “I wasn’t even gonna go today cause I was to scared, I was literally asking @lvrngram to just get me a wrist band so I could sit in the back alone in my reg deg clothes,” she said. “by the time my name was called I couldn’t get a speech out like everyone one else from being so nervous & was shaking BUT I pushed through my #socialanxiety today and I’m really glad I did ..cause the soul train experience is something any true music lover will never forget.”

    In her Up Next Artist profile she said, “Whenever something is completely bothering me, I like to hold it in ‘cause I don’t talk to a lot of people. That’s why a lot of times my songs are emotional…I never been a girl who writes in her diary. Pro Tool sessions are my diary pages.”

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