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    Tattoo Baby Hair is Selling Out Also How to Apply Tattoo Edges

    Are you all seeing all the videos about tattoo baby hair? Well, there are a few reasons why people are buying tattoo edges.

    First of all, they can be purchased from local giants like WalMart.

    The look is highly trending on Tik Tok. YouTuber TayPancakes noted that she brought her from the local beauty supply store. The products were packed on a rack. signs of popularity.

    She typically wears a headband wig, joking it covers up her forehead. She wears the wig over her locks. The tattoo baby hair is said to be waterproof. If you are like TayPancakes, and always wanted fuller edges then this may be a plus.

    But wait. It isn’t only women wearing the tattoo baby hair.

    Men are also into it.

    Will on a Whim, also shared a video of laying the tattoo edges. He ordered a bundle for about 37 dollars.

    The instructions say to cut the edge pack in half, so there is a edge for each side of the hair line.

    Then lay the edge where you want it to go, face down so the hair is to your skin.

    After it is laid down, pat it with a wet towel. However, many Tik Tokers have been spraying the paper with bottled water instead.

    In the video, Will does the spray and instantly sees the paper begin to slide down as the tattoo hair sticks to his head.

    He did rub the hair to see if the tattoo hair would come off but it actually stayed.

    Another benefit may be that the edge does not stick to your actual hair. So, if you have fuller hair but thin hair lines instead of putting on a full wig you can opt to use the edges and wear your natural hair.

    The hair can be removed with alcohol.

    Do you think this is a hit or not?


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