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    Taxes due 2023 | Don’t let these tax scams on social media trick you

    ByDiane Wilson

    Tuesday, April 4, 2023 6:36PM

    Don't let these tax scams on social media trick you

    RALEIGH, N.C. — With the 2023 tax filing deadline just two weeks, the IRS is raising a red flag when it comes to taxes and what you’re seeing on social media. The IRS says fraudulent tax forms and bad advice on social media are part of the 2023 IRS annual 2023 Annual Dirty Dozen Campaign.

    One scam the IRS said that is circulating on social media encourages you to use tax software to manually fill out a fraudulent W-2 and then use it to get a larger tax refund. Instead of getting more money, this is a crime and can lead to fines and criminal prosecution.

    Another scam circulating on social media involves tax form 8944, which claims if you fill it out, you’ll receive a refund, even if you owe money. This is false as this form is only for tax return preparers requesting a waiver to file on paper instead of electronically.

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    One scam that continues to trick people involves fake IRS agents texting, calling, and emailing you trying to get your money.

    Luis Garcia with the IRS says, “The three red flags that you’ll never get from the IRS, is never going to threaten, we’re never going to tell you to have to pay right away and we’re never going to tell you that you have to pay a particular method.” Besides your tax refund, scammers are after your personal information to try and file a return and get a refund, so never give personal information to anyone who claims to be with the IRS.

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