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    Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones Make the Funniest Songs

    Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones make the funniest songs, from singing about bad food, to reporting the traffic in the airport.

    Dating Rumors Began:

    Diggs and Apryl Jones dating rumors began around December of 2021. The couple was spotted enjoying a night out on the town. They also attended Jennifer Klein’s Holiday Party at a private residence in California.

    The Beginning of Their videos:

    However, it was the videos that the couple would continue to make that caught everyone’s attention. The couples airing of a dance routine had people laughing. As Jones laughs through their dance routine, Diggs comically lashes out at her mess ups.

    Although viewers may have thought that they would see more dance routines with the funny couple, they would also experience their funnies songs.

    The Era of Song:

    Apryl Jones and Tay Diggs aired their practice of Destiny’s Child ” Say My Name, Say My Name”. Jones would try to teach Diggs the lyrics. Tay Diggs forgetting the words to DC3 had viewers cracking up. One person said, “so he forgot all the words huh.”

    Another person said, omg now i’m just lookin for all the videos with y’all together. lol funny asf.

    After DC3, the two tried to share their duo of Janet Jacksons “Together Again”. It was’nt just the lyrics that had people cracking up laughing. Unfortunately, the couple’s countdown to stay in tune with each other was one of the funniest parts.

    But those renditions of throwback songs were not enough comedy for the couple. One day Apryl Jones brought Taye Diggs some nachos, that were unfortunately hard as a brick. The couple went to social media to show everyone. In that moment Taye Diggs would show us how they could make the funniest song out of anything. He used his fork on the nachos like a drum and began singing, “this ish isn’t fresh”. The funniest thing about it is so many people could relate to getting bad food.

    Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones would go on to make more funny songs out of food and life. For instance, the couple ate some bad chicken and rice and turned it into an entire melody. Most recently, they ended up at an empty airport and used the melody from Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” check out the comedy below.

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