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    Taye Diggs Dating Apryl Jones Question Sparks Smile During Interview

    Although Taye Diggs dating Apryl Jones remain very transparent within their public videos. However, the two always focus on dodging the title questions, responding with the you’ll find out soon hints. But not without smiling hard.

    Due to a party spotting of the two last December, Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones ignited romance rumors.

    Although the two never verbally confirmed themselves as a pair, the obvious late-night videos and traveling snaps led people to understand the obvious. Nevertheless, reporters and some fans wanted to hear confirmation straight from the entertainers’ mouths.

    In February after Jones publicly declared her love for the “Best Man” actor during an Instagram post.

    The duo kept it coming, appearing on recarpets together and more. But it still wasn’t enough for Fox 5 New York. During an interview with the news station Diggs was asked questions about his newfound relationship.

    When asked what’s going on with him and Jones as the news outlet showcased a clip of them hanging out, Diggs said, “We’re cool, we’re enjoying ourselves.”

    He added, “We’re having a lot of fun. These are crazy times, so we’re just trying to have as much fun as we can. And that kind of helps us out. We are always looking at opportunities to laugh at ourselves.”

    Following Diggs’ response, the interviewer pressed the 51-year-old to publicly confirm that he is in a committed union with Jones by saying, “Everyone wants to know if there is a commitment or something.”

    Diggs avoided the question by neither confirming nor denying anything. He simply said, “I’m sure they are. I’m sure they are wondering that I would too.” The video ends with Diggs laughing and the subject immediately shifts.

    But the ‘Brown Sugar’ star isn’t the only one dodging relationship questions.

    Prior to Apryl Jones and Taye Diggs era, 35-year-old Apryl Jones worked hard on avoiding conversations about her dating Dr. Dre.

    This may be due the attention she received after fans found out she dated her ex-husband Omarion’s former bandmate and friend Lil Fizz.

    However, details surrounding Diggs and Jones’ official title may be unclear to the public, this interview comes weeks after he shared a video of himself serenading how much he missed her.

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