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    ‘The Bear’ Star Jeremy Allen White to Undergo Alcohol Monitoring as Term of Joint Custody Deal

    Their parties worked out a detailed custody schedule. However, Allen’s ex negotiated a provision that has the actor being tested for alcohol every time he has their children.

    Allen agreed that if he is non-compliant or there is a positive test at any time his custodial time will be immediately terminated. He will be allowed one retest 15 minutes after a positive test.

    “Retesting helps determine whether the source of alcohol was due to consumption or accidental exposure,” the filing read.

    The actor also agreed to attend alcohol classes at least once per week.

    The deal they worked out included a strict confidentiality provision that prohibits either party from speaking about any alleged breaches of the deal publicly.

    The parties have yet to finalize the other terms of their divorce.

    After filing for divorce, Timlin expressed her feelings on social media.

    “Being a single mom is not how I pictured it,” she wrote. “It is so f—— hard. It is all out covered in s— crying on the floor kick you in the shins screaming with no sound coming out hard. It’s not the natural order of things. It can be exhausting but more than anything it can just be so lonely. when something magical happens and you have to tell yourself “Don’t forget this” because there’s no witness by your side. It’s so painful. But just like everything with motherhood the lows are demolished by the staggering heights.”

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