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    The It Girl Lori Harvey Michael B Jordan and Steve Harvey Life Details

    The it girl Lori Harvey, Michael B Jordan, and Steve Harvey family life details were aired out during Lori’s recent interview.

    Growing up under fashionable famous parents Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey, Lori Harvey started modeling at a young age. By 2015 she was signed to an agency.

    The CEO of SKN by LH said she fell in love with beauty at a young age. “I was definitely that little girl that discovered what skincare and makeup was from watching my mom growing up. I loved watching my mom doing her skincare routine, I loved watching her get her makeup done and I loved getting into her products after she was finished, when she would be going to bed, or she would step out. That was where I first got that spark of, “Whoa, I like this.”

    Out of all the different areas of beauty that Lori could have taken on she chose skincare. LH explains how she used to try so many skin care products, that the chemicals messed up her skin. She developed her brand in effort to find a cure to her self-inflicted issue.

    When it comes to her life and business, she has a supportive circle.

    During her interview with Paper, Lori Harvey described how supportive Michael B. Jordan is when it comes to her business in beauty. She told Paper that Jordan is her product tester. “Whenever I have to try a new formula or a new product. I’m like, “Come here, let me try this on you! Let me see how you like it! Let me see how your skin does and how it reacts!” He loves it. He was calling me before I got here and was like, “Can you bring me some more cleanser? I ran out.” His skin is thriving, so he definitely put me in charge of all his skin needs now.”

    Steve Harvey is also one of Lori’s biggest life goal supporters. He recently spoke out about his support for Lori when it comes to her love life with Jordan. “He’s a good guy. I will give him that. He’s a good guy. I know his parents,” Steve said. “He just comes from a great family. He’s a really good guy. He treats her well, so he’s following the rules. I wish them well.”

    The it girl Lori Harvey has scaled her business life and love life in ways many women would wish for. The girl reigns with an estimated NetWorth of 1 million and a good guy.


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