Tiffany Pollard A.K.A “New York’ and Rihanna Fenty, These Bad Gals Do Good For The Holidays

Tiffany Pollard a.k.a “New York” and Rihanna Fenty team up for the holidays to present a Fenty Beauty Holiday Gift Guide. Tiffany Pollard also know as the H.B.I.C gave fashionistas a candid glimpse on the Fenty Beauty items a real Bad Gal needs in her gift bag. The video was totally bleeped out, but what else do you expect from the H.B.I.C, let’s just respect her “Authoritah” as Cartman would say. Who knew you could do so much in Stunna Lip Paints.
Check out Tiffany Pollards Gift Guide of Fenty Below.

Here’s a List Of The Must Have Fenty’s

1.Pro Filter Foundation– ($34) According to New York, who looked flawless in her Fenty Beauty foundation, “we’re about to bring in the new year and we’re not accepting no greasy, no ashy, nor no ugly b*tches.” Since we’ve actually tried this product, we co-sign New York’s description of the affordable and effective foundation.

2.Fenty Beauty Palette in Kilawatt Foil ($54) This collection of pigmented colors come in a fabulous package. It’s quite perfect for the melanin queen in your life.

3.Stunna Lip Paint ($24)- Rihanna’s long-lasting lip paint has new friends in different colors and an essential nude fit for every girl’s collection.

4.Gloss Bomb– ($18) The glass bomb gloss will leave your lips looking like you kissed sparkles and your man dying to kiss you.

5.Diamond Bomb Buki Duo– ($72) Decorate your decolletage and channel your inner Rihanna with this sexy and regal body powder.

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