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    Trending TikTok Songs from Black Creators That Qualifies For Reel Bonus Pay

    In honor of Junteenth 2022, we are listing some of the early bird trending TikTok songs that also qualify for Reel bonus. If you are part of the Reel bonus, you may have noticed some songs qualify for bonus pay and some don’t.

    So, we did some research on trending TikTok songs and Instagram Reel songs that shouldn’t tell you that your sound doesn’t qualify for the reel bonus.

    Starting with Persuasive by Doechii, which gives vibes for TikTok and Gram videos relate to vacation snaps, success, hobbies and relaxation. How does it feel to be you? Which comes in about 22 seconds into the song. Use this song to express your happiness and gratitude.

    LL Cool J Loungin’ is another Reel/Tik Tok. So far, many of the videos using this sound feature food and beauty tutorials. But since this song is historically related to summertime love, it’s so simple to switch up for multiple creator content.

    Another Tik Tok/Reel song new to the game is by Harlem ArKade, Darkade. This tune is really good for creators, bts, and photoshoots, videos hoots, and all recordings. The beginning of the track actually snippets, “I’m finna record some stuff”. Very self-explanatory. Plus this song is brand new, unused, and fresh.

    Trina and Latto, Clap, literally clapping. Fall in love with this Gram or TIk sound giving dope girl vibes. Make them stand up the reel you post. Plus, Trina is actually doing a giveaway for this sound, ending soon.

    Sports, exercise, mental therapist, etc. You might love this sound. Replicating the Bulls, the Insta and Tok audio B.O.M.B.S by Fabulous is a whole mood.

    Are you a boss? Snatched by bigbossvette sends total bad chick vibes. Stylists, fashionistas, and over all confidence posts live by this Insta and Tik tune.

    Yal not ready. But maybe you are. Foxy Brown, Oh Yeah, is perfect for street walk videos, in the city, and transitional videos. Most of the Gram and Tok videos under the sound start snippets about 15 to 16 seconds into the song.

    Not one of them by Amnija Tik Tok or Reel sound trends via fashion. So far, most of the videos feature hair tutorials, and style. Rightfully so, the snippet begins with her singing, “don’t play with that girl, she not one of them”. Total confidence booster.

    The parody for parents! Inayah’s Hrs & Hrs Remix by slmbaa is so relative. She parodies Muni Long’s song, “Hours and Hours”. But changes the lyrics to relate to parent life, and overworked feelings. This Reel and TikTok one so funny, and yet so true.

    Do you know a payable Tik Tok or Instagram sound by a black creator?

    Drop it below in honor of Juneteenth 2022.

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