Tyrese and his wife Samantha Lee Gibson share their pregnancy photo shoot with the world.
Tyrese is proving to be a helpless romantic surprising his wife with an unexpected shoot.
According to people magazine the couple had been talking about doing the shoot but Samantha had no idea that Tyrese had actually set it up.

On July 1st, Samantha was greated with a crew. She says she was “incredibly nervous” at first to be 30 weeks pregnant and stepping in front of a camera, Samantha soon overcame her shock and “stepped into her power,” according to Tyrese.

The photos were taken by Derek Blanks at the Gibsons’ Georgia estate. The couple shared exclusively the photos with PEOPLE. It was a family moment to remember. Tyrese photographed with the babies big sister, 11 year old daughter Shayla. Samantha and Shayla shared the special moment with Shayla resting on Samantha’s belly. Samantha and Tyrese stripped down to panties with Tyrese covering up her breast.

“To go almost completely bare in a lot of photos was an extremely, extremely challenging experience,” Samantha, a social worker, tells PEOPLE.

“But on the bright side,” she adds, “I was really happy because pregnancy is a process. Your body is changing, and to be able to accept that change publicly and really just put it out there like that confidently — I tried to trick myself into thinking I was doing something for women all over the world.”

Tyrese and Wife Samantha via People Magazine

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