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    Vet’s Family Hopes Katy Perry Faces ‘Sanctions for Perjury’ After Mansion Win

    Katy Perry may have won the battle, but Carl Westcott‘s family hopes they win the war. After the pop star was declared victorious in the 84-year-old’s battle over his $15 million mansion, the 1-800-Flowers founder’s family told that they “look forward to her testimony,” and are hoping she faces “sanctions for possible perjury.”

    As this outlet reported, a California judge determined Perry and her fiancée, Orlando Bloom, can now take possession of the bedridden veteran’s Santa Barbara home.

    “Westcott has not met his burden,” Judge Lipner said in his 32-page decision filed on Tuesday.

    Westcott’s son, Chart, said the judge’s ruling “may follow the letter of the law, it shows that the law has no spirit.”

    “Katy Perry will now have to testify, in person, to receive her ‘damages.’ We look forward to her testimony, and to her being confronted with possible sanctions for perjury,” Chart told exclusively on Wednesday.

    “We hope Ms. Perry enjoys her pyrrhic victory, as she explains to her fans about twice taking homes from the elderly,” Chart said. He concluded his statement, telling, “Lastly, we wish the judge had spelled our father’s name correctly.”

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    Westcott — who has Huntington’s disease, which affects the brain like Alzheimer’s or dementia — accused Perry and Bloom of stealing his mansion, with their business agent allegedly convincing him to sell the property in 2020 while he was on painkillers and recovering from a six-hour back surgery.

    Once the pain medications wore off, the aging businessman changed his mind. When he approached Perry and Bloom’s real estate agent about the mistake, he received a letter from their attorney revealing they were “not willing to walk away” and he was “obligated to complete the sale.”

    Westcott sued Perry and Bloom’s business agent, dragging the famous pair and his family into a full-on courtroom war. While the Fireworks singer and The Lord of the Rings actor can now move into the 1-800-Flowers founder’s home, they are still headed to court over millions Perry claims she’s owed over the property.

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