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    What is Women’s History Month – Why Is Women’s History Month in March

    If you are wondering what Women’s history month is and Why is Women’s History month in March, you are not alone. I actually didn’t start celebrating until a year ago. I didn’t grow up in a home where monthly celebrations were a big deal. So, I had to do my research to catch up and this is what I found.

    Women’s History month began in 1908 in New York City. According to Oprah Daily City thousands of women united and marched for better labor laws, conditions, and the right to vote. A year later on February 28, in a gathering organized by members of the Socialist Party, suffragists and socialists gathered again in Manhattan for what they called the first International Woman’s Day.

    According to Today, in March 1910, German activist Clara Zetkin suggested that International Women’s Day be recognized as an international holiday at the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen — and all 17 countries in attendance at the conference agreed.

    The holiday wasn’t widely celebrated in America until the United Nations recognized it in 1975. Later that decade in California, in order to persuade schools to comply with recently passed Title IX laws, a task force in California created Women’s History Week. And, in March 1980, President Jimmy Carter declared that March 8 was officially the start of National Women’s History Week.

    WHM was officially created by Congress in 1987.

    Why is Women’s history month so important? Oprah Daily, describes the importance as an opportunity to reflect on and recognize the strength and many accomplishments of brilliant women throughout history that are long overdue. The NWHP always declares an annual theme for the celebration. This year’s theme is an inspiring tribute: Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.

    However, personally speaking it is a time to reflect and a time to grow. The unity of women has been stronger than ever as we witness the dominance of women in so many areas of life that were once segregated by gender, like the rap industry. We also witness the acceptance of women being free without judgement, as in “just because it looks good doesn’t mean you can touch it” – the me-too movement.

    Women have a lot to stand for and a lot of space to grow and change the wrongs of the past. Think about it. If you were the founder of Women’s History Month, why would you celebrate?

    At its best for the equality of life right!

    Topic: If you are wondering what Women’s history month is and Why is Women’s History month in March?

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