Tag Your Best Friends, Going Through 2019 Like…


We are almost a month into the new year. Most of us couldn’t wait. Did you go through 2018 thinking that everyone in your circle was definitely in your circle, only to find out “They was for Everybody else but you.” Don’t feel bad it happened to the most successful people. Hell someone is always tricking off in the Beyhive, that’s how we been knowing all the bts secrets, like who bit Beyonce. But let’s be real, everyone has a Tiffany Haddish type friend, she think’s everything is funny.Note that she will tell all of your business while smiling about it. That is the chick you can’t take everywhere.

On the other hand, some of us entrepreneurs have to deal with the friends that act like Monique. You remember that whole Netflix comparison when we were all asked to not Netflix and Chill. We are not saying that Monique was wrong because equal pay is important, but Amy Schummer wasn’t trying to be called out like that. It was like an episode of the Brady Bunch, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.” Netflix, please never do that again.

Literally no one escaped the ‘Where are my friends” questioning. Even Cardi felt like the world was coming for her. First, she gets the “We don’t have any beef” lie from Nicki Minaj. However, she gets hit with a shoe by Nicki’s friend Rah Ali. Then the one person who should of made her year better ends up cheating after they had their first child. Imagine that!! Sounds like something a Nigga named Offset would do.
We aren’t sure what celebrity or what normal person had the worst year. However, we are reminding you to make a come back like Mariah. Her 2017 was ugly, with all the memes from having a jacked up microphone bringing in the New Year, and then going through a none supportive relationship. Mariah was the Queen of come backs in 2018. Hell her worse album ended up making a come back. Like really? Glitter? We liked it back then, but seventeen years later she proved her critics wrong. That was all God Dahling!

So whatever, is whatever! Focus in 2019 knowing that the best is yet to come. Don’t take your Tiffany Haddish everywhere. Tell your Monique to not put you on blast. Stay away from the Rah Ali’s and Nicki Minaj’s who know they don’t like you even when they say they don’t have beef. Keep your Offset onset and in check. Lastly, make a comeback like Mariah folks! Shout out to the real best friends who stay true.

Happy New Year!


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