White Alabama Students Standing On Black Male With Caption ‘We Got Us One’ Causes Outrage


Moody High School evokes a controversial photo as six white students lay their foot on top of their black friend. Students say it was a voluntary act by Nick ( the black friend ). But is the concept too much in a time where racial inequality anf violeny race crimes are so epidemic. What would you do if these were your kids?
Black Ameria web posted  reports that the group of students from Moody, Alabama are all friends and claim the offensive image was meant to be a joke, but forward-thinking people are not amused.

“We have confirmed that all students involved are friends and participated voluntarily in creating the picture, which they say was intended to be a ‘joke’,” Principal Christopher Walters told AL.com on Monday. “The picture is offensive and unacceptable, and it does not reflect the values of our school, our students, or our community,

Austin Glass, one of the White students in the photo, said it was taken “out of proportion” and that each grade level was participating in the theme of dressing up as different travel destinations, the report states.


Parents are not buying the excuse, saying it is disgusting even though Nick (the black student ) volunteered, patents can not grasp the concept behind the photo.


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