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    Who Owns Social Rebel and How Do You Get The Money … We Have Answers

    Are you wondering who owns social rebel after trying to contact support or seeing so many fraud alerts. Well, we have the details for you and how you can get your money.

    As far as the owner of Social Rebel, she is pretty incognito.

    She doesn’t list herself as the owner. However, we did some digging to get us to the real answers.

    The UK database states, SOCIAL REBEL LTD is a Private limited company (Ltd.) company based in THE RECTORY CANAL WALK NEWBURY, United Kingdom, which employs 1 people. The company started trading on 5 June 2018. The company registration number is 11399410, It’s main line of business activity is Management consultancy activities other than financial management, and the company is listed as Active.

    It lists 100 shareholders and 1 employee, Aisling Bucknell. Bucknell lists the company as well on her Linkedin account. But she is listed as the digital project manager. She also works for other tech growth companies like Vodafone.

    The biggest fact to who owns social rebel is the tax filings.

    Aisling Bucknell is also listed on the company’s tax filings. Now that we have concluded on who owns Social Rebel, let’s look at how to play and cash out.

    Social Rebel is built to help market other app companies. so, the purpose is to drive traffic to these companies to keep their apps on top. In order to earn a player has the option of clicking on a minimum of 6 apps, referred to as offers. Many of them are free but require you to spend a minimum of three minutes on the app. Companies like Iheart recommends a player downloads the app and run it for 30 seconds. But Social Rebel recognizes the completion after three minutes. Therefore, every play should run for three minutes to see it count.

    Social shares also help with marketing the companies. The Social shares also help players earn as well. But the social shares need to be posted until the company completes confirmation that a player has done all tasks to cash out.

    Additionally, the app requires each player to obtain a minimum of 5 signed up referrals.

    As well as 15 link clicks to their referral link. Not all 5 signs ups have to play but it is encouraged. the referrer makes commission from each sign up. But in most cases as long as two sign ups play then most referrers will hit their commission requirement.

    Another good advice is to go for the offers prior to doing surveys. Surveys take a longer time to play and complete. Therefore, opting for offers, one can on average complete all 6 offers under an hour. With completion of referrals and commission requirements average earning are between 600 to 800 dollars.

    The Social Rebel app holds funds for first time players for about 40 days. Any pays after that are typically sent within 10 to 15 minutes. The money can be sent in a gift card, zelle, cashapp or paypal.

    Now that you know who the owner is and how to earn, click this link if you want to get started.

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