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    Why Saucy Santana Twitter Apology to Blue Ivy Would Be Fake

    Some old Saucy Santana twitter posts came up after recently sampling Beyonce but degrading Blue Ivy’s hair in 2014. In the tweets he says, “I just wanna be Blue Ivy,” to which he wrote … “nappy headed or … ” Another reads, “Im sorry but North West CLEARS Blue ivy. Have several Carseats Blue” — and to that, Santana replied, “Just said this yesterday.”

    During the time of the tweet, Blue Ivy was about 2 years old. Saucy Santana stated he was 20 years old.

    Additionally, taking jabs at the Bey and Blue, he agreed that Bey looked “dry” during her pregnancy photo shoot.

    The posts spiraled after Mrs. Carter deleted her profile photos from all of her social platforms. A hint of a new release. Furthermore, the ‘It’s a Vibe’ artist took stage in Beyonce’s hometown on Saturday for the Summer Jam HTX 2022.

    Prior to his performance tweeters urged him to make amends and apologize. But he refused. He stated, “People don’t care about old tweets. The internet have this weird thing with power! Thinking they have the power to cancel someone… NEWS FLASH! You don’t! Y’all be thinking y’all have someone by the balls about situations you don’t give a damn about.”

    As well as saying, Stop all that cap! Tryna ruin ppl Careers cuz you at home miserable and broke. I was miserable and broke too making childish, hateful tweets in 2014. Im 28 years old.

    He continued, “A completely different mindset on life from when I was 20. But, yall knew dat.”

    Let us explain why Saucy Santana twitter post apology to Blue Ivy would be fake. For one, he still thinks 20 years old is age appropriate for ignorant comments. Ignorant meaning, not knowing better. We will say he still needs growth that 28. Not to mention, he still feels being miserable and broke is an excuse to degrade others. At this point the man is blatantly not sorry. Do you think Bey or Blue really want a fake apology?

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