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    Yummy Mummy Forced To Explain After Implying Using Sanitary Pads Is For ‘Cavewomen’

    Ex Ebru Tv presenter Joan Obwaka Murugi alias Yummy Mummy has found herself in trouble with netizens following a post where she talked about her menstrual periods.

    Well, not as yuck, as it sounds but her words, may have had some bad effect on her followers.

    Well, it all started with Joan sharing her experience with liposuction and from what she said is that of now she cannot use tampons or a Cup for now due to the surgery – hence being forced to settle on pads like a cavewoman.

    In her own words Joan wrote; Because I can’t really bend, I won’t be able to use a cup or Tampons. I’m  going to have to use pads like a cavewoman😥 yuck

    Yummy mummy

    Well, being one who is known for her sharp mouth – fans feel that her statement was no mistake nor was it taken out of context as she now claims people are twisting their words.

    Yummy mummy defends herself

    Having seen how netizens reacted to her post, as usual Joan Obwaka/Murugi Munyi quickly released a new statement explaining what she meant by ‘Cavewoman.’

    According to her, the words she used only described what she felt – and did not mean to drag other women into the whole ‘cavewomen yuck’ statement. In her long statement, Murugi wrote;

    Not quite sure why the YouTuber often finds herself in trouble with her followers but so far, she has been branded as a mean woman who feels superior over other human beings.

    But again, let’s just say she doesn’t know how to handle herself with the same class she sells to her fans. No?

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