Zendaya’s SmartWater Commercial Makes Sense, See Why

Zendaya's SmartWater Commercial Makes Sense, feature

Zendaya’s Smartwater Authenticity

Zendaya’s Smartwater commercial makes sense for several reasons. The new Smartwater ambassador always has water on deck.

For instance, during a table read for season two of Euphoria costar Angus Cloud (Fez) and Zendaya drank bottles of water while laughing.

Another example compares Zendaya’s bottle of water during the press release for Dune: Part One at the Venice Film Festival, compared to the rest of the panel. The panel included director Denis Villeneuve and six of the movies’ stars—Timothée Chalamet. As well as Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, and Javier Bardem.

The Malcom and Marie star even got excited while watching Spiderman drink water. During, set Holland took a dap at drinking water while in his Spiderman suit. He said, basically, my eyes in my mask, they clip off. They come off, ’cause they’re glass, and obviously, the suit is fabric, and they need to clip in. And what I can do is I can take my left one out, and there’s a little thing I pull out, and then I put a tube, a squeezy tube, down into my mouth, and then I can drink from a bottle.

As she watched him drink the water, she can be seen smiling with excitement.

Not to mention, the former Shake It Up star displayed her love for Smartwater before embarking on ambassadorship. At the 2017 Bloomingdales Holiday Windows Unveiling, she sat in observance with a bottle of Smartwater and her cellphone.

Before the deal, the Veronica Dunne actress, caught by paparazzi held her LV bag, Beats audio, her cellphone, and a bottle of Smartwater. That’s why Zendaya’s SmartWater Commercial makes sense.

As Smartwater’s global ambassador, Zendaya will appear in a series of new creatives. The brand celebrates those who define ‘smart’ in their own terms. They also support community water programs that directly impacting thousands of women.


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