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Zerina Akers, Beyoncé’s Stylist, Secures An Emmy Award

Zerina Akers top stylist secures Emmy.
Zerina Akers, Beyoncé’s Stylist, Secures An Emmy Award

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Zerina Akers, notoriously known as Beyoncé’s stylist and the founder of the Black Owned Everything marketplace, just earned herself an Emmy award. During the summer of 2020, Disney Plus released the film Black Is King directed by Knowles-Carter, and this Wednesday, she secured the Emmy award for “Outstanding Costumes for a Variety, Nonfiction, or Reality Program” in honor of her sensational contributions to the fashion in the film.

The film was a reinterpretation of The Lion King following a young prince’s journey across the African diaspora. The fashion pro inserted her magic touch by capturing an authentic image of Black luxury and opulence using several Black designers to complete the story. She was tasked with styling Beyoncé in over 60 outfits alone, along with the film’s very extensive cast, nonetheless Akers rose to the occasion. All the way through, the wardrobe amplified the beauty, intensified the message, and honored African culture – and for that Zerina’s hard work is undoubtedly deserving of the Emmy.


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