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    Beyoncé’s Break My Soul Review 90’s Influences

    Beyoncé’s Break My Soul Review and How It Makes 80’s Babies Feel

    Beyoncé’s Break My Soul is giving Ce Ce Peniston, Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch, Robin S vibes. Unless your parents schooled you, you may have to go back and play some of these 90’s hits to understand.

    But let’s just say you were born in the late 70’s or 80’s and attended elementary school when these jams played. You probably thought about lightening bug dresses, penny loafers, bike shorts, and doing the Tom and Jerry

    “Break My Soul” is the name of the track from the forthcoming Renaissance, which releases July 29th.

    Originally announced as a midnight drop, in true Bey fashion, the single hit streaming platform Tidal hours before the expected time to fan’s pure delight.

    When I saw the title Renaissance, I expected reminiscence of 1400 to 1600 sounds.   Similar artists back then included Thomas Tallis, William Byrd. Basically, with plenty of Gisselle’s angelic vocals harmonizing over each other. But of course, who wouldn’t want that. Obviously, she other than Mariah Carey and very few artists could pull that off.

    But Mrs. Carter’s rebirth seems as though it’s aiming to recreate those childhood moments.

    Since she dropped the single on the first day of Summer as well, it brings back memories of the last day of school. Also playing at the water park, or Friday nights turning on the radio. Back then all the radio stations played hours of house music no commercials. If you were underage, you either danced to the jams in your room alone or with friends.

    Beyoncé’s Break My Soul 90’s intentions blatantly replicates the house music artists. Even in the lyrics.

    “You won’t break my soul” on the chorus, while noting:

    I’m looking for a new foundation yeah

    and I’m on that new vibration. (This Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch tribute)

    I’m building my own foundation

    Totally reliving childhood sounds. Being born in Chicago, I get it. all I need is a waterpark and a big radio sitting on the bench.

    Take a listen to “Break My Soul” below.


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