Bill Cosby Believes R. Kelly Was ‘Railroaded,’ According To His Publicist


Bill Cosby Believes R. Kelly Was ‘Railroaded,’ According To His Publicist
Bill Cosby and spokesperson Andrew Wyatt (R) in June | Photo by Michael Abbott/Getty Images

R. Kelly is getting some infamous allies. According to Bill Cosby’s publicist, the actor believes R. Kelly was “railroaded” at his federal trial, which concluded Monday. A jury found R. Kelly guilty of all nine counts.

TMZ found Cosby’s publicist, Andrew Wyatt, and asked what Cosby thought of Kelly’s trial. “We talked about it today, and the first thing he said was ‘look, the guy was railroaded.’” Wyatt further attempted to categorize the trials as ones where Black men are the actual victims.

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Cosby faced sexual assault allegations of his own, and spent time in prison before a Pennsylvania court overturned his conviction this year.

Wyatt compared Cosby to the disgraced singer, saying that attorney Gloria Alred “parade[d] women” women out to “stir up the public sentiment against him.” Alred represented victims in both trials. And in both cases, it was a jury that issued guilty verdicts, not the court of public opinion.

Jurors in Kelly’s trial found him guilty of counts that went beyond Cosby’s charges, included racketeering, which required that prosecutors prove Kelly led an “ongoing criminal enterprise involving multiple enablers,” the New York Times reports.

Kelly’s sentencing is scheduled for May 4. He is also faces charges in other jurisdictions.


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