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    Chris Brown’s Ex-Housekeeper Agrees to Postpone $70 Million Trial in Attempt to Reach Settlement

    Chris Brown and his former housekeeper who sued claiming the singer’s dog viciously attacked her agreed to postpone their upcoming trial and are attempting to settle the matter privately.

    According to court documents obtained by, Brown and Maria Aliva, the employee who claimed her face was disfigured from the attack, asked the court to push the September 30, 2024 trial date.

    The parties explained they have “recently expressed a desire to attend a mediation in the Summer of 2024

    They said, “Before the parties continue spending litigation resources on finishing up party depositions and third-party
    witness’s depositions, the parties would prefer to reserve those resources toward attempting to settle this lawsuit at mediation in the near future.”

    They said, “The parties hereby are requesting a short trial continuance and extending the trial date out about four (4) months to alleviate the parties need to meet their discovery obligations based on the existing trial date.”

    Brown and Avila have been fighting in court since 2021. The housekeeper claimed she was attacked by the singer’s 200 lb.+ Caucasian Orvchake/Caucasian Shepherd dog named Hades.

    Avila said she was taking out the trash when the dog came out of nowhere and started ripping chunks of her skin out. The housekeeper submitted injury photos in court to back up her claims.

    In the suit, she claimed Brown had his team remove the dog from the property before officials arrived. Avila claimed to have learned Hades was later euthanized after he showed “extreme aggression even when in the pound.”

    The lawsuit demanded $70 million in damages.

    Brown denied all allegations of wrongdoing. He accused the housekeeper of provoking the animal and causing her own injuries.

    In recent docs, Avila claimed Brown knew the dog was violent and did nothing to protect houseguests.

    Avila said that Brown’s dog “had mauled, bitten, and attacked others on two or more separate occasions prior to its mauling, biting, and attack on [Avila].”

    A judge has yet to rule on the request to postpone the trial.

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