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    Met Gala 2024 Best Looks, Who Understood The Assignment

    Met Gala 2024 best looks go to the ones who clearly understood the assignment.

    On November of 2023, Vogue announced the Spring 2024 exhibit will be entitled “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion.” Approximately 250 items drawn from the Costume Institute’s permanent collection—some very rarely seen in public before—will be displayed in an entirely new way.
    Max Hollein, The Met’s Marina Kellen French Director and CEO, said: “The Met’s innovative spring 2024 Costume Institute exhibition will push the boundaries of our imagination and invite us to experience the multisensory facets of a garment.” He added: “‘Sleeping Beauties’ will heighten our engagement with these masterpieces of fashion by evoking how they feel, move, sound, smell, and interact when being worn, ultimately offering a deeper appreciation of the integrity, beauty, and artistic brilliance of the works on display.”
    The exhibition for the night was shaped around three main “zones”—Land, Sea, and Sky, tracing evolving attitudes to the natural world in fashion.
    So when we think, Sleeping Beauty in land, sea, and sky, it’s plants, sea life, day, and night.
    Our favorite looks from the Met Gala 2024, who embodied the concept includes the following.

    Met Gala 2024 Best Looks:

    Teyana Taylor never leaves a crumb when it comes to fashion. Even though she stays on point, her dress, a red rose corset gown, with a waist split, by The Blonds New York made us feel like we were being serenaded on Valentines Day. It encapsulated the emotion of love and beauty with the blonde updo. It was like she awakened from a garden.
    GiGi Hadid looked stunning. Invoking earth with a flowing white Thom Browne gown, with an eye-catching pattern of yellow roses. It felt like Sleeping Beauty getting up on the first day of June, with a great Summer’s breeze. She was illuminating.
    Taylor Russell who wore custom Loewe served Earth. Russell’s 3D wood-painted bodice cast and ivory, waist dipped skirt took us out. I mean for one, it achieved every aspect of incorporating technology into the design, which is part of the Met Gala 2024 theme. Russell played with the “Garden of Time” and made us feel like we were looking at the tree of life.
    Out of the Met Gala 2024 best looks was also Janelle Monae giving us Silver Moon. Monae was a sleeping beauty awakening from the sky in Vera Wang.
    Tyla’s wavy Bob brought sand to the beach, in a Balmain gown, with sand imprinted textures. She carried with her a time Capsule, giving us land near sea slayage.
    Nicki Minaj was a bright light of Japanese blossom during the 2024 Met Gala, giving us a sleeping beauty blossom, from the land.
    What are some of the other celebrities that were part of the Met Gala 2024 best dressed list and why?

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