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    Christina Ricci Exposes Ex-husband’s Emails as ‘Yellowjackets’ Star Fights to Block Him From Regaining Custody

    Christina Ricci has submitted a series of emails sent by her ex-husband James Heerdegen as part of her effort to shut down his attempt to regain overnight visits with their son, has learned.

    According to court documents obtained by, the Wednesday actress is using the communications from James in court.

    As we first reported, the two are in a bitter battle over custody. Last year, the two reached a deal where they shared custody but Christina had the child most of the time.

    However, earlier this year, the court suspended James’ overnight visits after Christina claimed their child’s therapist recommended the move. James has been fighting to regain custody for months. He accused his ex of “psychological abuse” of their son, claiming she coaches him and tries to alienate him from his father. Christina has denied all allegations and claimed her ex is the manipulative one.

    In her new filing, one message sent by James to Christina’s lawyers accused the entertainer of having their son work 12 hours per day while on the set of Yellowjackets with his mom. The actress has denied the claim saying their minor child never worked while with her and had a babysitter around to take him when he got tired.

    James wrote, “The evidence compounds with the fact that [son’s name] was forced to work overnights in Canada with his mother, and that he missed an unreasonable amount of school.”

    He also accused her of failing to complete her in-person parenting class, as the court had ordered. He said, “I would like to give yourselves and Ms. Ricci the opportunity to cure this issue. The most prudent solution would be for you to offer a settlement, restoring my original visitation schedule with my son.”

    Another message included, “I won’t communicate this point again. I’ll simply start filing domestic violence restraining orders and emergency [ex-parte motions] until someone in the courts and/or media takes action.”

    He accused Christina of “harming” their child with her actions.

    Christina believes the messages will back up her claims her ex has been using the case to attack her in the media in hopes she will settle the case.

    The judge has yet to rule.

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