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    Christmas Before Halloween Is a New Thing Maybe

    Christmas before Halloween was big this year. The scariest Halloween blocks were the ones that screamed no Halloween, zero decorations, no candy, and no trick or treaters. There were several solid aka ghost towns.

    We walked around an entire cul-de-sac of more than 15 homes decorated with fall leaves no Halloween ghosts no spiders no pumpkins nada not even a Halloween sign saying come here and get candy we did cite something orange on someone’s porch and was hopeful that it was a pumpkin but no we were definitely wrong.

    Why was Christmas before Halloween?

    Was Halloween over before it even came, I mean before Halloween even got here people are on social media asking Mariah Carey when we can start you know the Christmas queen. And even though she explained to them it’s not time, yet the tension was definitely building up even Alicia Keys announced that she was dropping a Christmas album way before Halloween got to its near end.
      Oh yeah and i definitely received a text message earlier 2 weeks before Halloween saying Halloween is over with Christmas plans.
    This block was one of many blocks with zero Halloween decorations. We drove around this Midwest state and found several blocks with zero Halloween decorations.
    The haunted walk of silence made us wonder if Halloween was officially a dead Holiday and not with ghosts and goblins but this time with time.
    So, if you’re looking for the scariest theme on Halloween it is the mysterious disappearance of the holiday, slowly dwindling in some areas.

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