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    How Much Does Chanel West Coast Make – Chanel West Coast net worth

    Even though much of Chanel West Coast net worth comes from one of the most popular shows on television, Ridiculousness it seemed like Charlamagne The God tried to come for it, having people wonder. How much does Chanel West Coast make?

    Since MTV began running the Ridiculousness in giant chunks, the shows repeat viewers jumped from twice a week to six times a week,” according to Tanya Giles. Giles, is the general manager and head of content strategy and programming for ViacomCBS’s entertainment and youth division. Additionally, the show improved MTV’s viewership by 21%.

    Nevertheless, the popular Chelsea Chanel Dudley, the host Chanel West Coast who’s a member of Lil Wayne’s Young Money puts her music career first. Time and Time again the host provides the shows audience with updates on her music.

    But when the 33-year-old soon to be mom hosted the MTV show with a guest appearance from the “Breakfast Club” Charlamagne The God, he didn’t seem to take her career path as a success.

    The two feuded on Her show. He asked the audience, “have yal ever heard her rap”. Very few said no. He replied, “good for the people that said no”. But West Coast refused to let him sway her audience.

    She pointed out the fact that the same person who co-signed Nicki Minaj, who she feuded with at one point and Drake co-signed her. Not to mention, she also won a B.E.T award.

    Additionally, she collaborated with top artist like Snoop Dogg, French Montana, and Ty Dolla Sign. Needless, to say Chanel West Coast net worth brings in money from all around. Including, Ridiculousness.

    So how much money does Chanel West Coast make?

    According to earnthenecklace.com, Chanel West Coast reportedly makes $142,050 per episode of Ridiculousness. Multiply that by 27 seasons and 32 to 40 episodes per season on MTV. That lands her between 4 million to 5.6 million each season. Plus, residuals from her music. Chanel West Coast estimated net worth is over 8 million.


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