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    Tina Lawson Praises Kanye After Tense Interview with Charlamagne The God ( Charlamagne Tha God )

    Charlamagne The God (Charlamagne Tha God ) and a Kanye West interview came up on social media after reports of West’s battle with Yeezy knock offs. The original video posted by Instagram account BoBosephus captions Charlamagne The God telling Kanye that he “was a Kanye fan” but Yeezus was wack to him.

    Next to the post the Instagram account wrote, “Kanye West Handles Hate Comment Perfectly”. During the interview Kanye ignored The Breakfast Club host. Instead of responding to the hate he responded to another question, asked by DJ Envy. But also, with a smile on his face, letting Leonard know his comment meant nothing.

    Well, the MaMa Tina CEO and host reposted the video, apparently agreeing. Grammers also agreed. One person (bmancipation) said, “He’s a Goofball. Kanye didn’t respond cause it was ignorance and Hateration to the 9th power. Love u Ye.”

    Another person (byronshears1)said, “Ye isn’t perfect but he doesn’t deserve this type of disrespect.”

    Kanye West and Charlamagne frequently interview together. Many times, the two oppose each other’s views.

    The American radio host never holds back on his friend in debates. Even speaking on West and Pete Davidson, he said the rapper actively let his ego cause harm.

    “This is all coming from a place of love, Donkey of the Day for Monday, March 14 goes to Kanye West,” CTG said. “Now we have to be specific nowadays ’cause people try to conflate situations in order to defend and justify BS. That’s what happens a lot in the case of Kanye West—nobody is better at conflating BS with real issues to make himself look like the victim than Kanye West.”

    He continued to say, “Kanye doesn’t want his kids on TikTok, I understand that totally,” said Charlamagne. “Kanye West, this is Charlamagne talking. … You have more negative influence on people than TikTok ever will.”

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