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    J Lo ‘Driving a Wedge’ Between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

    “It’s no secret Matt can’t stand Jennifer. He hates what she’s done to the free-spirited buddy he used to know,” snitched an insider. “Jennifer feels the need to micromanage Ben’s life to an extreme degree, and now Ben’s so badgered and browbeaten he doesn’t have the strength to stand up for himself.”

    Matt and his wife, Luciana, have been gallivanting around the globe with Hunger Games hunk Liam, Thor star Chris and their gals. Tipsters tattled the laid-back bros have even convinced their Massachusetts-born buddy to buy a home Down Under!

    The insider blabbed: “Matt’s told Ben he’ll hand out with him again — after he tells Jennifer to take a long hike off a short pier!”

    Sources dished that Damon and J Lo have butted heads, especially after the Hustlers hottie objected to her man’s plans to launch a movie studio with his Good Will Hunting pal — because the bossy babe prefers Affleck’s attention to stay focused on her.

    “Matt remembers Ben as a macho guy who dictated his own behavior, but he changed as soon as he let Jennifer back in his life,” claimed the source. “Ben and Matt’s friendship is fractured, and the only way it can get back to where it was is if Ben dumps Jennifer. But that’s not going to happen. She won’t let it.” has reached out to Damon’s rep for comment.

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