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    Katy Perry Accused of ‘Trying to Drain’ Aussie Mom’s Finances in Trademark Battle

    Katy Perry isn’t just the subject of a legal battle with an 83-year-old veteran. She recently reignited a bombshell feud with an Australian mom of two, whose birth name is Katie Perry, after the court found the pop star infringed on the Sydney fashion designer‘s trademark. spoke with the Aussie designer, who told us that she is “devastated” that Katy — whose legal name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson — has appealed the court’s decision, adding it feels as if there’s “never an end in sight.”

    According to Katie, she discovered the appeal news via an email from her lawyers on June 8, revealing she expects to head back to court against the international icon in November or December. She has operated the fashion label under her birth name since 2006 and has held the trademark in Australia for over a decade.

    Katie believes Katy, 38, and her high-priced legal team are “trying to drain” her finances so that she “will give up” — however, she told us that won’t happen.

    Katie “won’t stand down,” warning, “It’s not in my nature. I’m a fighter and will always stand up for the underdog.” She added that she’s determined “to be a role model” for her children, ages 4 and 7.

    The legal fight with the I Kissed a Girl singer has had a “huge impact on my life,” she told, explaining it’s “taken time away from my kids and my business.”

    Katie said she’s had “nightmares,” experienced “insomnia,” and been trolled by the pop star’s fans and bots who have attacked her by saying “vile things.”

    Accusing Katy’s team of using “bullying” tactics, the fashion designer said she’s been “through absolute hell” since suing the Grammy winner for trademark infringement over the sale of clothes.

    Shooting down the narrative that she’s seeking publicity for her label, Katie told that “there are far better ways for a fashion brand to get PR than having to go through absolute hell,” adding publicity is “not why I’m going through it.”

    Regarding Katy’s ongoing legal battle with the elderly veteran, who claimed the Dark Horse singer and her actor beau Orlando Bloom stole his $15 million mansion under his nose, Katie cautioned about the “ruthless” tactics allegedly used by the star’s legal team.

    As this outlet revealed, Carl Westcott is headed to trial over the 2020 sale of his Santa Barbara mansion, purchased by the singer and the Lord of The Rings actor in 2020. Westcott — who founded 1-800-Flowers — claimed he was tricked into selling his property when he was on painkillers while recovering from a six-hour back surgery.

    He said that after the pain medications wore off, he changed his mind — but when he approached Perry and Bloom’s real estate agent about the mistake, he received a letter from their attorney revealing they were “not willing to walk away” and he was “obligated to complete the sale.”

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