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    Lady Gaga Might Have Slept Through Her Grammy Win


    Last night, CBS aired its socially distant version of the 63rd Grammy Awards.

    Recording Academy/GRAMMYs / Via

    It felt very much like a super-awkward backyard wedding, but with only famous people as guests.

    Taylor Swift and Beyoncé were the big winners, with Taylor taking home the award for Album of the Year and Beyoncé winning four awards for a career total of 28 Grammy wins, making her the female artist with the MOST Grammy wins IN HISTORY.

    Recording Academy/GRAMMYs / Via

    And she did it all while looking flawless as usual, I might add.

    But personally, I think one of the funniest moments that’s being overlooked is Lady Gaga straight-up sleepin’ through her Grammys win.

    She won Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Rain On Me” with Ariana Grande.

    Technically, I guess she was meditating (according to fans), but it must have been a deep REM (lol) meditation, because she did not at all respond to Ari’s 3,729 attempts to contact her.

    “‘Cause I don’t wanna wake up, wake up” —Lady Gaga in her sleep, probably.

    Ariana first shared a screenshot of Gaga’s Instagram Live in her own IG story. IDK about you, but that’s a celebrity sleeping if I ever saw one.

    And then Ariana posted the announcement itself, tagging the “Shallow” singer and saying, “MOTHER MONSTER WAKE UP.” But still nothing.

    Poor Ari was forced to continue celebrating their duet solo.

    To be fair, the Chromatica singer is currently in Italy filming for House of Gucci, so she has an excuse for not responding.

    Gaga had tweeted earlier in the day yesterday that she would indeed be watching the Grammys from Italy.

    Watching the Grammy’s from Italy! So honored just to be nominated! Love you little monsters! Love you music, love you art, love you world. God bless health and happiness to all the nominees!

    @ladygaga / Via Twitter: @ladygaga

    No word yet on if Ari ever did get ahold of her duet partner, or if Gaga is still sleeping peacefully.

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