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    ‘No One Will Save You’ has new take on alien invasion, challenges star Kaitlyn Dever to new heights in Hulu movie

    ByGeorge Pennacchio

    Saturday, September 23, 2023 12:44AM

    'No One Will Save You' has different take on alien invasion

    HOLLYWOOD — Actress Kaitlyn Dever takes on aliens in the new sci-fi thriller “No One Will Save You.” The film is not your typical aliens-come-to-Earth movie. Along with the creatures from another world, we meet a young woman and get to see her dig deep into her own psyche.

    Dever does much of the movie with virtually no dialogue. Filmmaker Brian Duffield is the movie’s mastermind.

    “No One Will Save You” is a relentless alien horror thriller where Dever plays a young woman with a very complex and interesting back story. Five minutes into the movie, aliens show up wanting to abduct her and she’s not into that idea,” said Duffield. “It’s a nightmare for her, so the rest of the movie is her kind of trying to understand what they want and trying to survive and being extremely outmatched against a higher species.”

    Duffield admits the biggest part of his job on a movie like this is finding the right person to play your main character. He thinks Dever completely fits the bill.

    “That’s so much of my job is done when you have someone that talented and someone so lovely, who is not a headache, that’s so great,” said Duffield. “What was also exciting was she’d never done anything this physical before. She’s on wires, doing stunts, running…I think she was really hungry for that kind of adventure.”

    “No One Will Save You” is rated PG-13 and is available now on Hulu.

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