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    R Kelly Net Worth How Much is He Making In Jail

    Is R Kelly net worth in jeopardy?

    Despite the numerous allegations of sexual abuse against him, R Kelly net worth continues to rise. Here we take a look at how much the singer is worth and where his fortune comes from. Kelly has denied all wrongdoing.

    R Kelly is one of the most successful and controversial singers in history. With a previous net worth of $150 million, he has amassed a fortune through music sales, endorsements, and touring. However, much of Kelly’s wealth has been brought into question in light of the multiple allegations of sexual abuse leveled against him.

    Several accusers testified during the ‘Down Low’ singers’ trial. Allegations include subjective and sadistic abuse against his underage victims.

    In a sentencing memo filed on Wednesday, prosecutors stated the I Believe I Can Fly singer “preyed upon children and young women for his own sexual gratification” for decades and “relied upon his fame, money and popularity” to do so.

    “He continued his crimes and avoided punishment for them for almost 30 years and must now be held to account,” they added. As well as stating the artist as a danger to society.

    Additionally, arguing the allegations around the artists relations with Aaliyah.

    But the artists attorney argues otherwise. According to his attorney, the victim referred to as Jane, parents convinced her to lie to Robert about her age.

    Bill Cosby’s former attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, recently took on the Kelly case. She argues the 25 years prosecutors push for as unfair.

    “[M]any of the enhancements suggested by the government and probation are simply unsupported by the evidence and the law,” Bonjean wrote.

    According to fit charges, she says the singer’s time of 14 to 17.5 years as fair.

    Robert Sylvester sentencing date extended to June 29th.

    But let’s look at his earnings.

    Meanwhile, the 55-year-old still performs. Recently, serenading a woman over the phone. However, the woman claimed no compensation provided for his performance. Unfortunately, with much weighing against him, R Kelly net worth recently dropped to negative 2 million dollars.

    So far, his negative balance includes, $5 million in outstanding taxes over a 7-year period. Additionally, $30,000 in overdue rent and fees. Not to mention his $1 million to get bail. But also, millions of dollars to settle all the charges.

    R Kelly owns nearly 700 songs. But because radio and streaming outlets declined to play his music in 2018 it capped his earnings. Kelly’s potential earnings reach about 600,000 per week. But that includes touring.

    Now back on Spotify, using an oft-cited rate of 0.0084 cents per Spotify stream, he earns a minimal estimate of about 20,000 a day. Provided he maintains his 4.6 million listeners per month.


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