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    Sons of Vet, 84, Locked in Katy Perry War Kicked Out of Hearing

    The family of the 84-year-old vet locked in a feud with Katy Perry over his $15 million mansion were kicked out of the courtroom after traveling more than a thousand miles to represent their bedridden patriarch during day one of the legal proceeding. can reveal that Carl Westcott‘s sons were forced to leave the Los Angeles hearing on Wednesday, but his famous daughter-in-law, Real Housewives of Dallas star Kameron Westcott, was allowed to stay.

    We’re told the brothers were “shocked” to learn they were prohibited from staying for opening arguments since they were there to represent their ailing father, whose health issues have made him unable to travel. Carl has Huntington’s disease, which affects the brain similarly to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

    Perry’s attorneys allegedly asked Carl’s lawyers to identify the veteran’s family members present at the hearing before demanding Kameron’s husband, Court, and his brother, Chart, be banished. Carl’s sons are set to testify but were unaware they would be banned from sitting in on the legal proceedings.

    “By removing us from the courtroom, they are trying to try my father in absentia and deprive him of his Sixth Amendment rights,” Chart told

    Carl said that after the pain medications wore off, he changed his mind — but when he approached Perry and Bloom’s real estate agent about the mistake, he received a letter from their attorney revealing they were “not willing to walk away” and he was “obligated to complete the sale.”

    He sued the A-list couple’s business manager — but Perry is set to take the stand during the trial.

    Kameron told earlier this week that it was “extremely important” for Carl’s family to be present in the courtroom.

    “We want justice for his dad and to defend his honor the best we can,” the Bravo alum said during the phone interview on Monday.

    “He’s such an honorable man. He’s worked his entire life and deserves to stay in his home,” she explained, adding this was the house Carl hoped to live in during his final days. “It’s sad Katy is trying to take that from him.” broke the story last week — Perry claims Carl owed her $2.67 million in damages for the loss of income from being unable to rent out his mansion; however, she never mentioned she intended to rent the property in her April deposition, nor did she allude to it in her heartfelt letter to him, in which she claimed she wanted to raise her family in the house.

    The pop star’s lawyer told us “the sole reason Katy Perry is pursuing litigation is that she entered into a written contract with Mr. Westcott, who was perfectly competent at the time, for a home that she wishes to live in with her family.”

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