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    Takeoff Video Before Death Captures Funny Moments

    By this time everyone has seen the Takeoff video of the shooting that took the rappers life at the age of 28 years old. The incident happened outside of a bar in downtown Houston early Tuesday, a representative confirmed to the Associated Press.

    The incident took place around 2:35 a.m. on a third-floor balcony outside of the bowling alley of a building on San Jacinto Street and Dallas Street.

    According to Police there was a party that ended at 1 a.m. but it carried over to 2 a.m. A group of about 40 people was congregating outside of the bar on the third floor after it had closed when someone started shooting. There were security guards in the area who heard the shots but did not see who opened fire.

    Once the shooting started, people from the crowd ran from the scene. Police said the victim was shot in the head or neck.

    Two other victims were taken in private vehicles to hospitals, police said. Their identities have also not been released.

    A video shows rapper and uncle Quavo leaning over Takeoff, saying “what she need to do”. He was referring to the woman leaning over the “Bad and Boujie” rapper attempting to provide aid. Another voice was heard in the video telling Quavo to get the “f” over there. Meaning by the wall.

    Many celebs including rapper Desiigner shared their feelings.

    Desiigner took to social media pointing to plaques of his past work while screaming, “This version of me is done!” Offset and Cardi B have not posted a word as of yet.

    Rapper Katie Got Bands posted a photo with The Migos, along with a caption saying, IT WAS ALWAYS GENUINE LOVE WHEN I SEEN THE @migos 🤞🏼💜💜💜MY HEART FELT CONDOLENCES GOES OUT TO THE FAMILY.

    Takeoff will be missed by the community.

    The rapper and entrepreneur made a major impact on the culture.

    The popularity for the group emerged in 2013. They released their single “Versace”. In 2015 the group dropped their debut studio album, “Yung Rich Nation” along with a clothing line. But it’s the 2017 single “Bad and Boujee” that went viral. The single was all over the internet and set them up for mainstream fame.

    As a collective as of 2022 the group’s net worth is about 80 million. However, separately each member is worth about 26 million. Nevertheless, Offset’s net worth seems to be more. A discrepancy reporting Offset net worth around 30 million appeared on Bio Overview. 


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