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    Tiny Harris Cops Backlash as GoFundMe for Security Guard Fails to Raise $60k

    Xscape singer Tiny Harris faced backlash from fans after asking for donations to bring a celebrity bodyguard, who was sentenced to one year in a Dubai jail back to the United States.

    Cornell Whitfield was “just doing his job” when he put himself in front of Trey Songz after the singer was confronted by a man as he left the FIVE Palm Jumeirah hotel during the March incident. Whitfield tried to de-escalate the situation and allegedly tapped the man’s face while protecting Songz.

    “So between her, tip and trigga they couldn’t give 20k each,” one naysayer commented, has learned, referring to Tiny, her husband T.I., and Songz. has reached out to Harris and Songz for comment.

    “I know she ain’t asking the poors for a little $60K when her group chat is worth a billion. Ain’t no way she meant to post this on the internet,” another griped, while a third chimed in, “Rich people asking 9 to 5 people for donations is crazy.”

    The GoFundMe was at $4475 as of Tuesday and has only received 12 donations since then, bringing the total to $4,836 raised as of Wednesday.

    It was claimed that Whitfield was only “protecting his client against an aggressive Jordanian man’s advances,” a GoFundMe made on his behalf stated. “My family and I are devastated. We are trying and reaching out to everyone for help to get him home.”

    “Cornell put himself between his client and the man, telling him to calm down and back off, but the man only escalated his behavior. To get him to stop acting erratic and threatening, Cornell gave him a light slap on the cheek,” their statement continued.

    Whitfield moved on from the incident until he returned to Dubai two months ago on August 31.

    At that time, he was arrested on an assault charge after being told the man he had struck took legal action against him and filed a criminal complaint.

    “Even though Cornell had numerous witnesses and the CCTV [security footage] on his side, but the police didn’t seem to care,” his family claimed.

    Loved ones expressed concerns of their family member being exploited, thanking those who donated both small and large amounts.

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    “He has already paid more than $30,000 for housing and legal fees,” the family shared. “The $60,000 will help Cornell with more legal fees and expenses that are occurring daily. We sincerely need your assistance.”

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