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    37 WandaVision Moments Vs Behind The Scenes Photos

    I need to know how Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany didn’t start laughing while Paul was painted blue.

    🚨Warning: There are obviously WandaVision spoilers ahead!🚨


    First, for the black and white episodes, Paul Bettany had to be painted blue while playing Vision, so this is what it looked like when they filmed the scene when Wanda makes their wedding rings.


    And, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a moment from the opening credits of “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience.”


    I just really want to know how Elizabeth Olsen and Paul got through a single take without laughing while he was painted blue.


    Lizzie absolutely crushing it while filming the scene when Wanda finally becomes the Scarlet Witch.


    The moment when Wanda astral projects and reads the Darkhold during the second post-credit scene in the finale.


    Kathryn Hahn having a blast filming a scene from “The Series Finale” when Agatha takes Wanda’s magic.


    This is what it looked like behind-the-scenes when Vision gave White Vision all of his memories.


    Although we never see it in color during Episode 1, Wanda and Vision’s kitchen is actually blue.


    The cast performing the scene when Vision and Wanda make up the “traditional Sokovian greeting of hospitality.”


    While it happens magically on screen, behind the scenes Elizabeth had to do a quick change when Wanda changes clothes in Episode 1.


    A look at Kathryn and Elizabeth filming the moment when Agnes brings over all the ingredients for dinner.


    All of the objects Wanda makes float in this scene are being controlled by the visual effects team using clear strings.


    When Wanda tries to find a recipe, all of the recipe cards are also floating in the air using wires.


    When Wanda messes up cooking a chicken, a very quick prop swap happened behind the scenes.


    Here’s Lizzie and Paul rehearsing this adorable moment between Wanda and Vision.


    A look at what Mr. Hart’s creepy choking moment looks like in color.


    During the scene when Wanda calls after Tommy and Billy, Evan Peters and Lizzie actually couldn’t stop laughing after she delivered her line.

    Marvel / Disney+

    Wanda’s line even changed in the final version.


    In order to digitally add in Pietro, Tommy, and Billy zooming around the neighborhood smashing pumpkins, this Wanda moment was filmed on a green screen.


    Teyonah Parris getting ready to film the scene when Monica enters The Hex.


    Before special effects, here’s what it looked like on set when Wanda creates a force field to protect Vision, Tommy, and Billy.


    And, this is what it looked like while filming the scene when Wanda opens up The Hex so the Westview residents can escape.


    Teyonah and Elizabeth filming the moment in “Breaking the Fourth Wall” when Monica tries to warn Wanda about Hayward, but Wanda just isn’t having it.


    Kathryn and Lizzie couldn’t stop laughing when Lizzie had to film a moment when Wanda flies past Agatha.


    Here’s what it looked like when Paul was harnessed and shooting the scene when Vision falls to earth.


    Shoutout to the person in green helping Paul seem really cool during this moment when Vision talks to Wanda in the finale.


    Evan totally rocking out while shooting his bit from the opening credits of “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”


    Kathryn was so excited for her entrance in this scene, she accidentally entered super early during one take.


    Lizzie was fastened to the floor and was held up by wires during the moments in the basement when Agatha reveals her true identity to Wanda.


    Here’s what it looked like shooting the scene when Agatha has Billy and Tommy hostage.


    Kathryn really getting into the moment from “Agatha All Along” when Agatha reveals she killed Sparky too.


    Here’s Elizabeth and her stunt double preparing to shoot the scene when Wanda flies down and sees Vision’s body while visiting S.W.O.R.D.


    This is what it looked like behind the scenes while filming the moment when the Westview residents confront Wanda.


    The bed moment from the Nexus commercial in Episode 7 was actually filmed upright.


    Here’s what Wanda and Vision’s grand finale from their magic show looks like in color.


    And, here’s Paul in a harness while filming Vision’s flying moment from the magic show.


    A behind-the-scenes look at this badass scene from Episode 5 when Wanda leaves The Hex for the first time.


    And finally, Lizzie just couldn’t stop laughing while shooting this small moment when Wanda is trying to hide her pregnancy with a bowl of fruit.

    If you want to see more amazing behind-the-scenes moments, you can check out Assembled: The Making of WandaVision on Disney+ now.

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